gotham style takes great pride in its professional approach to design and implementation, built upon its team’s experience  of highly sophisticated, complex and fault-free development.

I. Planning & Early Concept

The most critical step in achieving the essential brand identity solution is the Planning & Early Concept phase. gotham style staff work with the client to develop an understanding of the client’s needs. This entails:

  • Needs Determination and Analysis.
  • High Level Concept Design.
  • Client Review and Acceptance.

Actual development does not start until requirements are baselined. From the client’s perspective, this entails a clear and documented mutual understanding of the scope and objectives of the project. This allows for changes to be administered effectively and the impact of requested changes to be clearly and precisely ascertained by gotham style.

II. Design & Development

The objective of gotham style is to deliver a complete and comprehensive package to clients that should see long life, expanding with the growing needs of the client and evolution of the brand. gotham style uses a time-proven disciplined design methodology which guarantees the highest product quality.  The Design & Development phase includes:

  • Concept Story-boarding.
  • Determination of identity infrastructure.
  • Selection of design package and additional requirements.

III. Concept Review

The Concept Review process, strictly enforced within the gotham style methodology, guarantees that the client receives a product of highest quality. This multi-step process requires strong client involvement.  If the client is not happy, we cannot proceed.  The Concept Review phase includes:

  • Final sign off on all proofs.
  • Review of any changes or additional requirements.
  • Final approval of finish samples, materials, lighting, etc.

IV. Production

Production begins only after the client has finalized all requirements. Production includes, but is not limited to the following:

  • Shop Drawings, concept designs, elevations for signature approval
  • Submittal of shop drawings for signage approval.
  • Permit & license acquisition.
  • Scheduling of installation.

V. Guarantee

Once the project has been fully realized and implemented, gotham style will support the product under warranty for one year.  This includes all signage, displays, and fixtures.